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Reported By: Shweta_k1998

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Destek Infosolutions

Destek Infosolutions is a full spectrum Digital Transformation Agency helping client’s leverage technology to achieve new levels of business efficiencies.

But in Truth company has not paid employees in 2 years. Abuse by Mandar Lande – Co-Founder, Director – DhakDhak Pvt Ltd by

making employees work 22 hours a day

Not paying salaries on time.

Shouting violently and screaming at employees.

Once Mandar Lande even brought up a sales persons dead father in shouting

Mandar Lande does not let even female employees with children at home leave at 6:00 PM.

Mistreatement of employees will close this company soon. Please dont join this company and barabad your career.

Investor of this company Kapil Jhaverri.


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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Destek Infosolutions.

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