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Mr. Devdas Rao, his Son Mr. Dev Rao and his daughter of Dhanista Group are gang of cheaters and shameless serial offenders of innocent customers. They all came to Mumbai from Andra Pradesh to cheat local people of Maharashtra. Legal authority of Maharashtra should keep keen watch on their all the activities and if required question them for delay in their all the residential projects in Mumbai. They are greedy people no ethics at all. They are only interested in grabbing money from customers as a booking amount and purposely illegally hiding customers signed notarized MOU’s on pretext that it got misplaced with evil intention of making some changes as they desired in new MOU’s. Mr.Dev Rao is master in doing this hera pheri. For this legal authorities will shortly going to initiate legal action against them. Actually these people should be kicked out from Maharashtra as early as possible for playing with emotions of common people by their false, never fulfilling promises. Their modus of operandi is that first attract the people with low rate then, gathered the money from them, hide customers original documents like signed MOU’s on the pretext of misplacement and prepare new as per their own conditions, because now customers money is with them.They think now customer is helpless and has to agree with their conditions. This is their whole game plan. They are Masters in giving excuses and false promises. They do not have any ability as a developer and builder. Buyers will not get a possession of single flat from them. They are BIG BIG FRAUD. All customer should unite and fight against them to teach them lesson forever. They are shameles people taking the money from people and hiding their signed notarized MOU’s on the pretext of misplacement to do changes in originial conditions and promises.While taking money they will talk very sweetly and afterwards purposely doing unbearable delay in handing over customer their own signed MOU’s . This way showing their true colours and continuously harassing customers. Now those customer who has not received their original MOU in their hand are going to initiate legal action against this Trient (Baap, Beta and Beti) i.e. Mr. Devdas Rao and his Family of Dhanista Group. So Appeal to all citizens of Maharashtra is that be cautious and careful from investing in Dhanista Group, Ghatkopar. Never invest in this group. Be away from them and tell your all friends and relatives also. Those invested with them should all unite together from all over Mumbai and will keep the wathch on their all the activities to decide plan of action in future.

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  1. Customer_Dhanista

    Dhanista builder & developers are shrude cheater,fruad and clever chor. ( All Rao and family gang: Devidas Rao, Tejas, Bhavana Menan, Suparnika etc. )
    They had collected more that 3 crores of rupees on promise of giving flat at lower rates at parsiwadi ,ghatkopar west project. Till date in 2023 , more than 15 years passed, not sign of any progress, even all premission is not recieved in 15 years, forget about construction and delivery of flat (was promised possession in 3 years). Once they recieve money from innocent customers, they change their behaviour/tone and just push out , no sharing status / progress of even legal permissions or any far plan to start construction.
    Guyes, never ever fall vicitim of such liars and cheaters.