docomo – Fraud activity deducted my balannce Rs 351

My number from where balance deducted 8950688836

today when my balance was approx 38Rs I dialed *141# and by selecting 3g options etc. I tried to activate Rs351 3G

plan…(knowing my balace is low), then as expected got msg that

“”hi! your pack cannot be activated due to insufficient balance. Please recharge and try again.”””.ok lets ignore it…

Then I recharged my docomo number 8950688836 by 499 Rs and I got 500 Rs bal + 2gb 3g data at 4:24pm(received msg of confirmation of recharge).

after that around 6:30 pm I checked my phone and I seen that one msg has arrived on phone at 6:24pm…(In b/w i received a

call at 5:10pm for < 1 min).

msg description:

""you have subscribed to 3g351 Rs 351 for 30 days through ussd .Enjoy 3072mb data for 30 days bal rs 187.89 at 3-10-2013 at 5:19 pm ref id 19dba94f.Listen to ur favorite song on Saavn……""

I got shocked What the hell is this, I didn’t touched the phone and I received this kind of msg…

I talked to customer care and when i said that 351 pack is activated itself, he said

Sir "WE can't do anything in response to your query ,sometimes some plans activates itself this fault is not theirs"

I—-whose fault is this?

sir "but sir we can't do anything and i will not refund your balance"

I—-transfer ur call to seniors… he said transferring…and disconnected the call(by hanging by not giving any response and Disconnected).

As u might be knowing we can only talk to customer care number 1 times in 24 hrs…

then I connected through other docomo number…

and I talked to their customer representative about my problem that my balance is deducted itself…and he keeps on repeating

like a parrot that u have activated urself…then I tried to make him understood that I am not fool that who will first

Recharge by 499 and waste 2 gb of 3g data without using and activate any pack without any reason…but he same repetition

Appears to be more and more fool and u might be understood what I want to convey, when some one gives same result without

Understanding others)…and i told to transfer my call to seniors….

His wordings

sir """In morning you have tried to activate the 3g plan of 351 Rs which due to low sufficient balance your plans goes to

pending and it got activated when u recharge it by 499"""

I said at that moment I received the message that """ur plan is not activated and please try again when u have sufficient

Balance but he again repeats like parrots….and disconnected my call…

I again talked to them by another docomo number…

this time this representative said sir """u have only activated the plan we will not refund ur balance as u activated it on 5:22pm… (in msg it was written 5:19pm)….then again call was transferred to senior…

he said that that plan was activated by u and will not refund balance u have activated by ussd and asked his name and place

and only told his name that was Amit""""

What the Hell is going on…?

by frustration I am writing to u ….hope u will help…

also they provided me 1.5gb + 1.5gb which of night is wasteful for me…I want my money back can adjust data…

If docomo will not return my balance I will Port my all 5 docomo nos…

my contact no is 8950688836,9991388853

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