DOCOMO – TATA DOCOMO very worst and third class services

TATA DOCOMO providing very worst service regarding background verification. I have just transferred my prepaid account to postpaid account.I have given them my office authentic proofs and address for verification and told them to call me on my cell so i will be out of office and provide u you whatever details u need to finish this.After all that their guy came who is responsible for verification and without giving me call and finish his/her proper job immediately reply to their office that the verification got failed.Due to his lazy and very reluctant effort and his fault my Number’s out going services are stopped for 4 days and still i received message that it will take more time to resolved.If the verification got failed due to address issue how the bill correctly reached to that address?Who will be responsible for the losses i am facing in these days due to their guy’s fault?TATA DOCOMO’s this service is really very much worst and entirely not acceptable.And the internet getting disconnected for lots time for that they are saying this is network issue but why it is getting changed every 10 mins?

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