exalt consultancy – not getting refund after completing the validity period

I have registered on exalt consultancy (http://www.exaltconsulting.co.in/) on 30 May 2014, I am experienced my validity period was completed on 2 Sep 14.i did not get a single interview call from them for any job opening.i have paid 5000/- rupees.

now for getting my refund back, i am calling them everyday.they told with in 2-3 days you will get your money, when three days are completed, i called them back, they told your some document required. they could have told me this before when they committed to me before 2 days,anyways i have sent all the document then they said money will be back in end of OCT.after one more month

they are not replying to my emails and phone calls properly.

even i am not sure my money will come back or not.i want my money back asap.i have already waited for 1 month almost. they are doing false commitment when it was going to take 2 month why they said 2-3 days.

i am feeling very depressed i have paid 5000/- to them, and i did not get a single call for job, i am still not getting my money back.

Can somebody help me. i found this forum on internet, i do not know this is going to work to register my complain here. but i have request if somebody is reading this and can help me please do that.

Please help me to get my money back.i have attach the receipt also for reference.


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