Exalt Consulting Placement Services Private Limited – Fake company Exalt Consultancy

Even I lost my money with them, I had registered on 10th October. Keep following them over phone & mails but not reply..

then receive this mail,

Dear Customer,
We regret to inform u that due to the ongoing investigation by police authorities against all job consultancies across Bangalore our company’s all the data, accounts, phone lines, computers, laptops, servers, files, documents etc. are seized, due to which we are unable to provide you updates. Hence we request you to co-operate with us for the period of 3 to 6 months by which time we believe that we may get all the things back by an order from the court of law. We regret inconvenience and look forward for your kind co-operation

Note: Its humble request that do not jump into conclusion by assuming anything negative.
Thanks and Best Regards,
HR Executive.
ECPS Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.
(Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt. Ltd.)


Please refund back my money.

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  1. on what basis you are saying this ashish it is really unfortunate thing which has happened to this company being so genuine, i know many people who got benefited by them may god save them from this my prayers are with them. Soon everyone will come to know who are pick pocketers and who are service providers just wait for the decision of the court. and after saying this they would have escaped but they are still in touch with us and answering everything we ask though their resources are seized.

    I never seen such dedication from the employees of the companies. Taking advantage of this situation they could simply escaped but they have decided to fight since there were many people like us whose interviews were under process. Dear Exalt we are with you. This is really wrong if this wouldn’t have happened we would have got many opportunities through you.