Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt Ltd – big fake in their work.


I made a big mistake registering with Exalt in the hope of getting well placed. They are such a big fake in their work. They assured me a list of big companies where they would schedule interview but in vain. I call their number only to hear the person concerned is not available and the rest who would attend the calls won’t even hear what your concern is. If you corner them with some difficult questions they would hung up on you.

I have never seen a placement agency as this, who are discrete about where they have sent your resume. They say it’s not their policy to share. How dumb can that be???? I can’t even know where my resume has been sent apart from receiving few silly job alerts.

Am surprised that some of them have got placed.good for them I would say. My sincere request to those who wish to be registered with them please read up on them or reviews about their work. I made a mistake by not checking on their credibility.

Now I hope to get refund from them, which I assume is going to be another story in itself.

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  1. hi.

    i think u r not their registered candidate because they send every required details about interviews in mail. they dont send job alerts they actually process your profile and then send us the updates.