Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt Ltd – REFUND OF Rs. 4500 Registration Fee

On 14/01/2013 I registered myself with ECPS and they mentioned that within three months they will get me a job offer or else they will refund my money back. They could not provide me even a single interview and then they asked me to renew for another three months and after that if I will not get job they will refund me money. They promised me and once even that period got over they don’t reply to the e-mails which I send to them and they are not at all bothered to refund my money back. I am mentally harassed for over more than 3 months after the registration period is over. I have even provided them the receipt of the registration as asked by them but no response. Even during the registration period they could not schedule even a single interview as promised, they have tortured me by sending to the wrong walkins which never matched my profile. Overall I am mentally tortured for over 9 months. This company is based in Bangalore and currently I am in Navi Mumbai, I want them to pull to Navi Mumbai for legal proceedings as I have my job in Navi Mumbai and I can’t go to Bangalore. I request you to take strict action against ECPS as provide me justice as soon as possible.

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