Expat Properties – False information provided to invester while selling land

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Reported By: naiksh

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Expat Properties

I have invested in one project with Expat Properties. I was provided various details, etc to showcase that land will yield higher appreciation in coming times.

Nothing seem to have worked out and current land price is less than the price I purchased it 7 years back.

Also, it looks like they have sold land at very high price comparted to market. I’m publishing this thread here to see how many people are facing such issues with this company. I’m planning to take legal actions and preparing ground for it.

I would recommend that before you buy anything from Expat, make full market research on whatever growth they say and also check for the prices. They can pickup any cutting from newspaper and show it to you as govt plans but actual ground realty could be different.

Shailesh Naik

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