Exporters India – signed for platinum plus membership now asking for more money – fraud company

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Reported By: Anand Goradia

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I am anand goradia from bm creation mumbai. We have paid rs 19101.00 to exporters india (Weblink.in pvt ltd) for getting registered on their portal and getting promoted. The sales person mr shiv kumar mahato had told us that after paying the money you will be entitled for all the promotions and also google promotions. He was after our life till 7pm on the day payment was suppose to be done. But we could not make the payment that day. We made the payment the third day via rtgs. Once the payment was done after 4 days someone from his office called us saying as you are into a business which has a lot of completion you will have to pay more more so that you guys come on googles promotion on 1st second page. I denied as i was told that every thing will ve covered. They did not want to hear. Infact when i contacted shiv kumar who is a team leader – sale and marketing he literally banged the phone on me saying you speak to our team and then call me. The worst of a customer service person ever seen. Even someone from his team mr abhishek kumar – group leader – sales and marketing said that we will have to pay the amount if we want to promote ourselves on google. We asked told them we do not want to go ahead with this, so please refund our money what we have paid rs 19101. He was blunt in saying that the money will not be refunded as per company policy. We told him that we are not told that we will have to pay anything extra after this. To which he said that pay the money which i will send you and then you do not need to pay anything extra. He said that he is ready to give it in writing on company letter head. To which i argued that it means that your company was planning to dupe us of this amount. They knew that they will ask one once the contract is signed so they did not give us a letter in writing first itself. He replied that only after the case come to their team, they will know what type of promotion will be required. I argued that it means your team had not done their home work hat what industry we are into, we will need more promotions. But they were reluctant to even listen to us,

This was spoken on monday morning, they were suppose to send me an email with the costing to which i was going to reply that we won’t be going ahead with the promotions. They didn’t even bother to send me the email i had even called after some time on monday to which i was told that he is working on my email and will send it shortly.

Today wednesday morning (July 19, 2017) when i sent them an email that i am waiting for their reply i receive the quote which says that i need to pay 28999 for the 3 year google ranking and promotion.

I have email them that we will not be going ahead wth the promotion, so kindly refund our amount.

This company is a fraud company. They try and be after customers lie for payments. Once the payment is done they just want more money to come from the customer. This is ridiculous.
I am even going to post this on all social media platforms today.

I need refunds. Don’t want to work with fraud people.

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