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It was just like any normal day of any rental seeking family who have identified a property nearby. I liked the property but not gave token that day, but my sales guy asked me to speak to the sales manager of gurgaon & he then told me that token is completely refundable. But because i was also not sure, i said ok let me think.

Post that, 2nd day i was travelling to my hometown, my sales representative call me and said that the property you saw is about to get finalized. I can book it atleast with your token. I told him that i am travelling in the train so cant do it at the moment. He later called me again (No doubt the guy was cool) that sir, aap payment token ka kar do, me reserve kar dunga.. I sent him 2000 and then he said sir 3000 aur karo, minimum 5 hai… Then i did total 5000 to the sales representative company paytm.

On the second day when i called him that kindly arrange a meeting as i have to discuss, see the landlord and want to meet him as well for initial discussion. My sales guy said ok let me arrange

I had already given the notice to my current landlord considering everything is good, but there was a force to join the new apartment (Where i have not even meet and discussed and paid the token as per paragraph 1). How i can leave my current apartment so shortly as it will be noticefall recovery from security.

Then what happen is, i insisted for a meeting the very other day but new owner said that i am not available till saturday. I asked sales guy to book an appointment. There was a group created by the post service team of fastfox gurgaon where i have recorded lines that i want to connect to owners. The sales guy from day 1 did not shared me the phone no, even still they do not provided the contact number by saying its company ethics.

I then asked to arrange a con call and told about my concerns etc, he said i will speak to my brother as he is the decision maker. I told him sir pls tell me asap as i have consider my notice period as well.

The landlord given time for 11.30 am on sat and i waited for long and he arrived on 1.30 pm. They got to know my concerns, they said ok and i asked them to let me know. I then left from place.

Next day, i got to know that they do not want me as tenant due to the reasons which i have requested (About security payment dates of 30 days gap only bcoz i recently shifted 2 times from dubai and other place and settling) and i also told him that i was earlier planning to move next month but sales guy said we can discuss. So here it is.

Friends, i waited 7 days for owner to meet, now they want royalty to say no and not paying the token back. If any one have any objections they can tell at the moment itself. How one can take my token and asked me to wait and then say no and keep then funds to them only..

Is if fare

Not at all
Completely unfair practices by the ground level and manager level of gurgaon team who managed my case. Later when i asked about money they said sir hum owner k saath relationship v to rakhna hota hai,, apki galti hai na sir apne token diya…

See this guys.

What is this?? Really a disappointing statement and no help
And those who were in groups where i had followed up on daily basis about the status they are sitting silent and giving phone to other who are not in group, and the sales guys are not picking up phone and making new clients.

Can u imagine, u give token, no talk, no discussion, just managers big mouths and confidence about the so callled about us thing.

It really a shame for the people who trust such brokers. I am still wondering that they might can give a solution instead of saying k sir owner ab paise nai dega..

Are bhai, mujhe baat to karne do,, number v share nai kar rahe ho.. Wait v mujhe karna he… What is this.

Thank you, be aware

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