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Reported By: him_ansh

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I heard about this company called Fastfox which helps those who are finding a place for rent in Gurgaon.

I thought of giving them a try and this was one of my biggest MISTAKES!
The people at Fastfox are unprofessional, lack experience and stop picking calls once you pay the amount.

I was cheated by the company in such a way that I ended up paying 10000 for advance which was never returned to me. The owner of the house was very arrogant and I found this once I had given the token amount.

First of all, Fastfox assured me that everything is fine and they know all the details of the owner. Later once the owner backed out, the same people at the company said that they are not liable to me!!

Why would you take someone to those houses whose owners are rude, arrogant and out of their mind and force someone to give a large amount of token in the first place?
Such properties should have been black listed!

I was cheated both by the company and the arrogant owner.Ans now that I have lost my money I don’t know what to do.
I will never ever go for any new company like FASTFOX.

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