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Reported By: Rodolfoaspiras

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First Gulf Bank [FGB]
Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

I have received a call today at 10:52Am from the collections department of FGB (04-6075396). The lady was not so “customer friendly” and was raising the voice on me. I am paying my FGB credit card regularly and this is the only month where i got delayed in paying my monthly bill. I have spoken to her in a calm way but it seems she is raising her voice and was kind of being bossy. I am still trying to secure the funds to pay as soon as possible. The delay of payment was because of my mom’s operation, if there any penalty for the delayed payment, then proceed with it. I am waiting for my car to be sold to be able to close this account for good..

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  1. Dear Concern,
    I am Ragesh Kochuveettil Xavier (civil id: 290110303924) Gulf bank (Account No: 94887899). I have previously sent an email while I was stranded in India (Email on may 18,2021 9 am). Presently I am in Kuwait and rejoined my duty . I know my account is freeze and it will be only normal when the cash is recovered. But hereby requesting for some mercy as I mentioned my mother is undergoing cancer treatment in India (Chemotherapy & Radiation) also my expenses to house. Already have a huge debt including the return ticket which costed me 700KD.I know the bank has its policies but please consider my case as I didn’t want to cheat or run away with the money. Just I request is to hold my cash and give some release of amount for at least my home expenses in India as I am the only pillar of family. No one is able to give me money as I have used all sources presently I have kubbus only for food now. My matter I can adjust but please my family is starving there. Please give me a consideration for my situation. Release some amount every month for me rather than recovering all money in one shot. If that case 3 to 4 months I will be working with no cash, hope you can understand. In god’s name you can trust me I will pay off all the installments. At least take 2 installments together each month (180KD+180KD) and release me 90KD, I beg for god’s sake. Or please mention me a possible way from your side what is the best possible way. There is no hope for me or any ray of light, awaiting your reply is my only hope at present.


    Ragesh Kochuveettil Xavier