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Reported By: arci

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First Gulf Bank [FGB]

To the Senior Management of FGB,

I writing this email hoping the the higher Senior Management of the FGB, would pay attention and hear out my complaint and request.
I was having a credit card with FGB where i have been paying monthly minimum amount for so many years. There are times that whenever i have extra from my budget, i always try to pay more than the minimum amount. If you will check my record, i am pretty sure that you can actually consider me as a good payee. In fact, there was even a time where i have paid off all outstanding balance on my FGB credit card.
It was in last quarter of 2016 (if I can recall) when i finally decided to visit the FBG office (after one of my friend advised) and seek assistance on how i can reduce my outstanding amount since i have been paying the monthly min. amount. FGB offered me a plan where i have to pay, AED2, 930 per month for 36 months. During that time, i was very much confident that based on my financial status, i should be able to cover it.
Unfortunately, last December 2017, I had requested for my salary advance as i had to travel back home on 2nd week December 2017 after my mother in law was diagnosed with staged 4th cancer. I am the breadwinner in the family and given the situation, my financial structure and stability was changed. I came back to Dubai on 3rd week of January 2018. That time, i had already missed out my 9th January 2018 due date with FGB and so their agent been calling me. That time, i was able and managed to find ways to pay my due amount a week after i came back.
My Feb 9 due with FGB date came again. This time, i already knew it would be impossible for me to cover it as i have received less salary due to the unpaid leave they have to deduct from my salary plus the advance salary i took in December. In fact, i was not even able to pay for my house rent in February and i am grateful for the understanding of my landlady. During this time, FGB agent have been calling calling me every now and then. I explain my situation and was requesting if there is any possibility to reduce my monthly due in order for me to comply on the monthly payment. Without even hearing me out, the agent immediately saying that there is nothing else they can do, I have to pay. I told to the agent that of course I am the interest to pay but only thing is that, I am requesting to reduce the monthly amount due so I can comply. Although I had to faced difficulties and full patience talking to her way of talking (agent is raising her voice), I tried all my best to convince her to at least try to speak to her Supervisor regarding my request.
Surprisingly, the next call I received from the agent is an offer of restructure payment where I have to pay AED5, 500+ If I’m not mistaken. I told to the agent that offered structure doesn’t make any sense at all. If I can manage to pay AED2, 920 per month, then I do not have to missed out my monthly due with FGB and my request is to reduced my monthly due and not to increase.
The next call I received from the FGB agent was a call from the most ill-mannered and uncivil abusive person on Earth, I would say. She was shouting from the very beginning of the call as if you are being threated like a trash. She was not letting you speak at all and this kind of treatment can really give you a very traumatic experience and injustice effect to you psychologically with all the threat they’re throwing to you.
Hoping to get the right person to talk to, I decided to wrote an email to FGB ([email protected]) on 14th march with regards to my request and to raise the matter on the unethical behavior of the agent for which I didn’t receive any reply (as usual). Please also review the previous email communication I had with [email protected]
I called the FGB [protected] and spoke the FGB agent, which I just realized now, while writing this email that must be the same agent who was calling and talking to me unethically, same agent I am written the email to, and the same agent who hanged up the call on my face this evening when I called.
Now, I am taking another chance and hoping that the higher management of FGB would pay really look on this email of mine and would hear me out.
I am not running away from my obligation to pay neither wish to receive this kind of treatment from this ill-mannered agent of FGB but instead, requesting to restructure my scheme into 4years probably to reduce the monthly due and to take out the interest on it so I can finally close this matter with FGB.
I also believe that the FGB higher management should take time to review and look into the procedure especially on how they’re agent handle their clients in this kind of scenario. Regardless of my delayed payment, the FGB agent do not have any right at all to treat me that way. Please review all the call recordings between me and the agent.
I will look forward to hear from FGB on this sentiment and request of mine.
My contact record is still the same, [email protected] / [protected] in case you wish to reach me.

Best regards,

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  1. FYI.. this person Vinla Tilokani still works with FAB and its almost the end of 2021..tells you a great deal about how “prioritized”the customers are at FAB bank.
    To choose this bank is every persons mistake..and FAB agents make you realize that sooner or later.