I ordered a cake tobe delivered on 01st Oct in FloralGiftsToIndia site. They could not delivered the cake atall even though i enquired before placing the order and got a YES that time. Now when i called them they told it will take 15 days to refund the money and its been more than 1 months still i have not received my money.

They ruined my surprise birthday plan for my father and when i called some one telling call between 11am-2pm, some one telling 3pm-6pm. I do not if they do not want to refund my money or what.

This is the worst service i have ever experinced. Again 1 of my earlier re-fund is also already pending 🙁

Can some one let me know ..what should i do ?

I have called them more than 30 times and just wasting my mobilie balance now:(

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