Fly innovative employment service pvt ltd – fraud company.

Thats true this fly innovation is a fraud company. I was also cheated by them in the name of metro job. They didnt tell about the money when they call. They just ask for 1500 as a registration fee and after akas took the fee without any recipt and took sign in all the papers, he told that we would call you later and informed you about the interview and after that they demand for more money and if any bidy is not able to pay them they didn’t refound the registration charges also. They didn’t provide any job. They are fraud. Is thete any body who can take action against these cheats who cheats innocent candidates.

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  1. i have done my reg rs 1500 with fly innovative before 1 month for the bank and metro job.hey gave me a letter via mail for police verification and told me that when u have done your verification u sent to us then we will conduct your interview today i received my verification and i will sent it tomorrow.
    pankaj please share your number so that we can communicate with us and can refund our money.