Flydubai – Twice i was miss sold plane tickets

Reported By: Martin Paul Woodgate

Contact information:
Flydubai Dubai

I was miss sold and airline ticket from Dubai to Qatar, online. The next day when I got to Dubai World Central airport I was not allowed on the flight until I did exactly what they said providing extra information. This took so long I missed my flight. When I had brought an extra ticket as advised by one of the staff members the same staff member still wouldn’t let me on the next plane. The Flydubai staff would not let me on the first time. I asked for a refund but they said I would have to write to Flydubai as the booking had been made online. They also refused to reimburse me for the extra ticket that I had brought at the airport. The staff member who advised me to buy the second ticket, was also disrespectful when he said that he wasn’t going to refund me for the ticket that he had just advised me to buy if I still wanted to go to Qatar.
as well as ruining that part of my holiday I have also lost AED 2,956.10

Merchant#    001379200025
Terminal#     10324443
Batch#          011
Receipt#       000167

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