FM amaz store – I lost 98,000 rupees sir I need my refund sir I don’t need any commission from your side

Reported By: Nahid Fathima

Contact information:
FM amaz store MANCHERIAL
FM online Store

First I got a message on WhatsApp from this number +66834041469 and she said it’s a legal company u have to register first and have to do tasks with the help of our mentor with id, @mary8208 on telegram.The mentor said u have to recharge and purchase and submit 3 orders in which we have 3 sub orders each we have to purchase an item in that I have done with my 3 complete orders by investing 98000.after completion of 3 successful tasks the mentor said congratulations sir u have done with all your tasks you can now withdraw your amount and I asked the mentor for the process of withdrawl he just sent me a pic of withdrawl section when I went to the section of withdrawl he frozen all my amount when I asked about my money withdrawl he said u have a lucky order which is automatically triggered for our lucky customers so u have to pay 1,65,000 to get total amount of 4 lacs then I said I don’t want to do this next task you just pay for my first task he said no no u are automatically triggered for lucky customers u have to do it I will help you in raising a fund for you I pleased him to pay me he said you can talk to our store manager his details are +1562 4871730 same on telegram then the store manager who was introduced told me if you want to cancel this triggered task he provided me a verification processing details slip and this you have to attach this file and mail our authentication dept there he said to log me into another account where he provided me id and password and asked me to pay 50k I even pleased him to just refund my actual amount and I don’t want your commissions then he said sorry I can’t you have to do it u r given 48hrs of time and there I pleased and I shouted on him to provide me for the first 3 complete tasks at the time he blocked me and the mentor and the one who messaged me on WhatsApp also refused to help me….sir I just want my money which I invested I don’t want your commissions

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* Go to page
* Write FM amaz store in company name section and write your complaint in detail
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from FM amaz store.

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