Fraud by Flipkartmart mission hall – Fraud by Flipkartmart by recruiting online work from home job

Reported By: Varsha

Contact information:
Flipkartmart mission hall Mumbai

I was searching for some part time side hustle like part time online job to earn money.
Then i found about this organisation which is truely fake.
The name of this fake organisation is flipkartmart mission hall.
Once we go to there profile we contact them through whatsapp .They will ask us to give our name, phone no,city,age,current job income.
After registration they will assign some 3 task for that we have to invest and purchase some product for that we will get commission on that.They assure us that we will get this invested amount with commission after completing those three task.
But after completing the task when i was about to withdraw the amount the system said you have input the details of your account incorrectly.They itself correct that mistake and again for withdrwal we have to perform the three task .
Also they will freeze the amount in between the ongoing task
To unfreeze the amount we have to perform the task again..In this way to they do the scam and trap the one who is in this.
Please block that or report that organisation they are doing big scam in the name of flipkart.
I incurred a huge loss.My all savings gone in that bullshit scam
Now i know that there is no shortcut for money earning.
Please take action in this.I request to this forum to look into the matter at the earliest.
Because I am in this trap and i am suffering may be some other day someone will be into there trap .
Please take the action against this fraudster ASAP.

How to file a complaint against Fraud by Flipkartmart mission hall?

* Go to page
* Write Fraud by Flipkartmart mission hall in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Fraud by Flipkartmart mission hall.

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