If you ever encounter a car enthusiast who claims that he can re-assemble your entire vehicle from scratch in an hour, you may want to believe him, but never instill the same faith in the online shop of Furniture mart India (furnituremartindia).

I stay in Bangalore and had ordered a Big G Ottoman sofa (a larger bean bag variant) from their online store on 23 Jan, 2013. I finally received the shipment from Mumbai after 18 grueling days during which I have tried to contact them on every single day. They had promised to ship the item in 3 business days. They hired a pathetic V express courier who took it around for an India tour. The two bags with the beans were torn and I had to literally collect the beans from my floor and shove them back into the bag!!! I was promised by the person whose contact no. is 9930069346, that if the shipping charges exceed Rs. 1000/-, the extra expense will be borne by the company. The total shipping charge was Rs. 1944/- and so, I claimed the extra expense.

I never understood that how a 5 kg cargo attracted such a high shipping charge. But, to my disappointment, they didn’t respond for four months to my email. I have lost count of the number of calls placed to contact them, but to no avail. It looked like the initial tall claims were just a ploy to make a sale. Finally, after four months of persistent struggle they credited RS. 400/- instead of Rs. 944/- to my bank a/c. It’s the amount of time, patience, money in the form of STD calls that frustrate you beyond repair.

I suggest you to not fall prey to the air brushed images on the store’s website. If you make a purchase, insist on getting prior info about the courier service. I believe that like every human, a business should have ethics too. If the ethics are faulty, the company should pay the price. I hope you all learn from this incident and make an informed purchase.


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  1. I purchased two products online from Furniture Mart, a sofa bed and a two seater. I should have realized how easy it is to dupe consumers with fake pictures on the internet. Alas, I was fooled into ordering not one, but TWO useless pieces of garbage from these cheats.

    And really, I’m not kidding when I say that the furniture, when it arrived really looked like it was scavenged from a dumpster- dented, chipped, torn with screws jutting out here and there. I have purchased ( and had made) many pieces of furniture over the years, but this is truly the WORST workmanship and quality I have ever seen.

    Needless to say, the folks at Furniture Mart refused to refund my money. I initiated consumer court proceedings against them, but slippery crooks that they are, there is no address that can be fixed on them. Therefore, after sending summons to various addresses, all fake, I had to give up.

    I really hope no more people get cheated into buying from these thugs. Please stay away from them; you will regret any purchases you might have made.