Furniture Mart India – – Sellers of Broken Furniture

I bought a recliner sofa bed from Furniture mart on May 2013. Within a few months of using it, it started sinking in the middle. As if that is not enough, a few months later the recliner of the bed also broke. I contacted Furniture Mart several times to get the bed repaired. However, there was no response to it. Every time they promise to sent someone to repair it but no one turns up. When I called them again, they said they cannot do anything about it. When I asked them what do I do with a broken and sinking bed, they asked me to forget about it. From the very beginning they had no plans to provide any repair service but were simply taking the customers for a ride by falsely promising service support. I am not able to use this daybed anymore and it is lying in my house like a junk furniture consuming lot of space. I am writing this review so that no other customer should get cheated by buying their products. Internet retailers should not get the impression that they can sell sub-standard products over the net and disappear.

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