Gciit Technologies – GCIIT is totally fraud training center.please dont go.

they’ll tell you their center in noida:-search in net there is nothing.(FAKE Company)
they’ll tell you some company’ll come for campus:-wrong(even no1 knows gciit name-there is not a single board in traning center.)
they’ll give you 100% assistance means they can send u job links(normal job links which we can get in any website.there is no reference added.even u can send them more job links.so tell them u can give the 100% assistance.(chutiya center) .(dont accept job from them)
they are fraud.Even their traning is not usefull they dont teach you everything.You cant crack any interview after getting trained from GCIIT.
Training is not good.
during interview they’ll tell u u’ll be placed in any company 99% chance is there but they all are fraud.no one get placed from that institute.
Karanveer is totaly fraud person.dont believe in his single word.there are 3-4 hr girls..all are fraud.
so it’s on u if u wanna ruin ur lyf n money.

18 thoughts on “Gciit Technologies – GCIIT is totally fraud training center.please dont go.”

  1. nitildwivedi@yahoo.co.in

    Hey guys I’hv wrongly added this add.Later, I got some benefits of this training centre..I tried to remove this but it’s not removing…please dont concern about this..Sorry and Thank you.

  2. It’s a fraud institute don’t join this institute no placement nothing but UN fortunately i was the student of this institute. It’s 0% worth to join this institute. Nothing is going to happen Wt ever he say while joining

  3. where ever you testing training cost more than 15000 but here just 4000 then think the quality of training in this institute. Karan is a big fraud and his institute also a big fraud. If somebody want just walk in to his institute, there they say that they’ll give “100% placement assistance” not “100% placement” after joining they’ll send you links from naukri, monster, frishers live etc. so guys don’t go to this institute. If you are going then it’s waste of 4000+time+energy. its up to you guys whether to go or not.

    1. aswini help me plz…tell me truth for god sake am searching like hell for job,,,everybody is telling its a fake company ..suggest me properly plz

  4. Hi all, I am an auditor and i went to this office for my son. This is an ISO Certified as well Registered under Karnataka Govt registered office.
    And all my dear friends let me explain you that only the company who have to register private limited they need to register in this MCA.GOV.IN website.
    AND re-directors pls acquire full knowledge rather than providing blind information.
    For all students it is safe to join and the certificate is 100% valuable.

  5. No chanda its not fraud its really a nice organisation i got job also and many got job.
    Just follow the guidance given by them sure you willl get job.
    Main important is job finally. and they do not charge for real time training and they provide job also. this kind of organisation is not available at all in bangalore.
    i really want to thanks to GCIIT

  6. Ya i m also agree i got job today and i am very happy, i cleared my interview today ,, The complete credit goes to Karan sir and my trainers and the H.R , all guided me nicely thanx to all

  7. hey i also got job, karan sir also reffered me.
    He helped me a lot for clearing Elitmus exam also and my package is 2.4lacs

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