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Reported By: Chera tayo

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Ghoti Trading Private Limited Pune

At first they just told me to recharge Rs1000 so that I could perform the task to get commission. After 2-3 task they told me to recharge again so that I could perform further task. I thought that it will be better for me to earn so I stood up and added around 2 k. But the problem started here, they told me if the task is completed only then I could withdraw my money and the the task that u git was 18 tasks with each task comprising of 4- 5 orders. After that I was doing my task continuously to to withdraw the money that I used up from my friends union’s. I went through all those embarrassing situations after that just to complete my task and finally when the task reached 18. I didn’t had any left so I told them to plz cancel all my orders and that I don’t want any commission. So just refund me my money back I requested them fir more than a hour and finally they told me that to withdraw my money u have to deposit Rs25000 in your acc so that u can withdraw the money that is in your buisness account. So I paid then Rs.25000again which I borrowed from our college union. At last I tried to withdraw my money and they told me that i have gone against the rules and regulation of the company for not completing the task and right now they are asking me to pay 18 k for violating rules which they never told me about. Right now I’m in a debt where I have used all my money including my friends money unions money which is Rs.82000. Plz help me refund my money back please I am requesting with my deepest sincereness.

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