Ghoti trading Pvt. Ltd – Money scam

Reported By: Koushik

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Ghoti trading Pvt. Ltd Hyderabad

Firstly, I got a text to my mobile number to register I did it then I started with 200. I withdrawn my money on the day I registered to check whether it works or not. The very next day I started with 500 and they went on asking for money. I’ve deposited 6k into the account for one order it asked for more money nearly 20k. I stopped then now it is showing your amount is freezed and you can’t withdraw. I don’t want my commision amount. Please refund the original amount I’ve deposited. Don’t trust this it’s a perfect scam. They’re attracting by showig percentages. Please take this complaint and resolve my issue.

How to file a complaint against Ghoti trading Pvt. Ltd?

* Go to page
* Write Ghoti trading Pvt. Ltd in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Ghoti trading Pvt. Ltd.

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  1. Andrew lovelin

    This is totally fraud please be aware …. I lost 10k 😭 am a poor guy from poor family … Somebody please help me …. Am looking for someone who help me to regain my money … Pls take severe action on this company pleaseeeee….a