Global Migrate – Migrating to other canada/Work promise

Reported By: Aiz

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Global Migrate Doha

I have been a client of Global Migrate for 5 years I guess? They started contacting me from 2017, and promised a lot of things. I have been transparent to them from my work experiences to my educational background. They will keep on calling u 5x a day. They will promise you everything, tell u all possiblities how u can migrate from one country to canada. Once you gave them the Initial payment, they will still keep on calling you for the final payment. They will not settle for less or they will not agree if you will be delayed, or else, your initial payment will be forfeited. The total amount is 9000-10,000 Riyals as I remember. Then, once u completed the payment, they will make the necessary documents, in my end (ONLY CV), then after 3-6months, they will stop emailing u and no update. It is very frustrating that they are only active when they need the money and nothing more. Once payment is done, their services is finished as well. After 5 years, im still stuck on the same place where i applied.


How to file a complaint against Global Migrate?

* Go to page
* Write Global Migrate in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Global Migrate.

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