Go Ads India Pvt Ltd. – Not releasing salary/expenses

I have joined this company on 10th June 2014
The company policy is to release the salary on every 10th of the month, now they are refusing to release the salary stating that you have not completed the target, there was no such any commitments nor any written agreement on this point.
We have been issued only letter of intent from the company, asking for the appointment letter they always replied that it will be delivered or will be mailed to you in 2 working days but till date we have not received anything.
We have worked for the whole month on our expenses that includes petrol, mobile & internet expenses etc.

Now Mr.Pulkit Mehra our reporting manager messaged me that untill you will not log any sale in our company accounts till then your salary will not be releases.

Kindly look in to the case as this has happenned with us only in the first month also we have worked for 12 days of the current month & after the conversation with the superiors i dont think that they are in a mood to release the salary.
I have converted 3 clients for the company in the current month but they are asking to log sale first then we will release the salary but I am not sure after logging in the sale they will release our salary.

Kindly look into the case & help us out in this matter to release the salary of both the months.

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  1. All the people who are thinking or planning to join this company Be aware.

    Company takes in confident before joining but after taking work from the employees, their policy is very different. They do not think of providing salary to the employees.

    You can check various complaints online while doing Google search, for their services as well as many of the superior employees who are taking care & heading this company.

    I am a live victim of the above matter that has happened with my team.

    We worked for almost 2 months, tried to generate good revenue but till date we are fighting for our salary.

    Kindly take my message seriously before joining this company.