Hamsafar trip sales – Complaint about the fraud done by this company

Reported By: Mohammed razin khan

Contact information:
Hamsafar trip sales NOIDA

Want to tell you all that the above mentioned travel company is totally fraud as they always deceive everyone for money ….
We planned a trip for Srinagar and Ladakh in the month of October 2022….
We contacted them and their irresponsible travel consultant versha singh got to engage us….
Firstly they told that the package will cost 28000/- per person including flight from New Delhi to Srinagar and from Ladakh to New Delhi in return….
When they sent the itinerary it mentioned 28000/- per person but they clearly mentioned flight charges on the other page…
When we asked her,she kept repeating that this is mentioned just to remember,it is already included in 28000/-
But suddenly she reverted from what she said…
As we were 17 people then she said that the total package will cost 5 lakh rupees for 17 people without airfare…
We got agreed …
Then they kept asking for the money which we kept giving them….
But when they got the total 5 lakh rupees in their account.
As we were about to leave for the flight to Srinagar from Delhi airport they suddenly started asking for rupees 90000/- as G.S.T which they never asked before….
By the way they somehow agreed for the rupees 90000/- to be paid in instalments….
But when we reached Srinagar,they started creating Havoc by saying to the traveller driver that don’t move till we get our money,they did this 3 times…
And the hotel they gave us in Srinagar was of worst quality….
I Just want to get our money back from this fraud agent….
They never told their address whenever asked…
Contact details of their agent who was very rubbish in manner is given below….
Travel consultant:- Versha singh…
Mob.: 8287895417
E-mail:- sales@hamsafartrip.com


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