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Hamsafar Trip

This Hamsafar Trip is a fraud worst company. They should be closed down. Can anyone help me to file a lawsuit against them? This company first sent us an itinerary for North Bengal of 35k, which included all costs (breakfast and dinner, hotels, private cab etc.). Within the first few days, they collected the entire amount and then 2 days before our journey, they told us that we have to pay 20k extra for cab and that was not included in 35k. We clearly had the itinerary and had proofs, still they forced us to pay that extra amount saying that otherwise they will not refund anything or do any bookings. We were trapped and instead of loosing 35k, we decided to pay 20k extra and just get the bookings done. But then when we paid that, they said now we need 7k again extra as GST. We again said that in the itinerary it was clearly written that 35k was inclusive of all charges 9including taxes). But they literally fought with us over phone, and when asked for GST no.they said we will not provide anything, we will not even provide invoice. The travel agent who was in touch with us – Yash Chaudhary is the worst person ever. He and his colleagues dont even know how to behave with customers. He talked to me in this way “Abey sun koi paisa waisa nahi milega, GST bhej warna koi booking nahi milegi. Hum desi insaan hai, humein tameez nahi hai. Customer gaya bhaad mein”. There were some other female colleagues of his who were equally shouting and used abusive language on the call with me and my father! Even after all this, we decided to just pay and go on the trip as we just had a day left to our journey and we did not want anymore troubles. But then, throughout the trip, our cabs were changed twice (it was not dedicated for the entire trip), we had to pay from our own pocket for dinner (even though it was included in the package), and all of the hotels were in very bad remote locations with very poor service!
This was the worst experience we had and we got cheated so bad. Initial itinerary was for 35k inclusive everything and later they made us pay almost 70k for a north bengal trip, which should never cost more than 35-37k for 3 people! I know this for a fact as I am from West Bengal and I have been to North Bengal before as well.
I want to file an official complaint against this fraud company. I am looking into filing FIR with Noida police station. If someone has any more information which can be of help, please let me know.


How to file a complaint against Hamsafar Trip?

* Go to page
* Write Hamsafar Trip in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Hamsafar Trip.

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  1. Do you know procedure for refund from these people? We also facing same issue, they are not giving us refund.