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Dear Friends,

What I know is that hashmi dawa khana is cheating on peoples because I took skander-e-azam for 3 months but I did not notice any change in my penis.

You are cheater why do you like to cheat on people. God will punish you sent me fake medicine.

i used ur sikander-azam capsule i didnt get any benifit of like – 2 cm increment .ye galet baat hai…………..

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  1. I’ve been using it for a month and I’m really very disappointed as I thought that using sikander-e-azam plus capsules would increase my size at least 2 inches. But i got only 1 inch.

  2. I’ve only been using sikander-e-azam plus capsules for about 4 weeks, and I have gained only 1 inch in penis length!

  3. I bought sikander-e-azam plus capsules for two months just to help with my small penis size, but i have not found improvements in my stamina and ejaculation. And my size does not increase beyond 2 inches.

  4. maine 2 month ka course hashmi dawakhana se kharida aur mere penis ki lambai 2 inch se ziyada nahi badi. Sex karne ka time bhi 30 minutes se ziyada nahi bada. mujhe kuchch ziyada benefit nahi hua. wo mere call ka jawab bhi nahi de rahein hein.

  5. I am on sikander-e-azam plus capsules for two months now. I thought i would increase my penis up to 4 inches. I got 2 inches only. I want to tell you that they promised a lot but you get a litle benefit. so beware those people.

  6. Hi i have been taking sikander-e-azam plus capsules for 1 month now and i am very disappointed
    because my penis is still the same as it was before. my penis increased by only 1 inch and a little over change in my stamina.

  7. I order a 3 month supply of sikander-e-azam plus and after taking it for two months I find my penis is not getting bigger and longer. Only 2 inches addes to my penis length.

      1. Namaskar dosto mene socha tha ki me hashmi dawakhana se sex ki dawai lu par yha aap logo ki pareshani padi to mera to puri tarha se vishwas uth gaya he thnku dosto

  8. all the reviews in this website are fake , i also used these capsules there is no any change after 2 months , all are fake and fraud, they people are very clever , against a negative review they post some positive reviews by themself to increase the publicity of the product. they are cheater and makes the people fool.

    1. If You have not noticed even a bit of growth in your penis after two months treatment then hoping that within the next one month you will see some noticeable size increased. Some patients get the desired penis size after completing full course of three months. We are pretty confident that you will see results soon. Visit hashmi dawakhana to get extra advice to gain better results or call at 9690666166.

  9. ये सेल बहन के लोडे इनकी माँ का भोसड़ा छिनाल के जाने बहन छोड़ सिफऱ्फ कहते है की लण्ड की लम्बाई
    बढ़ेगी पर इनकी बहन की चूत में गधे का लण्ड डाला हे तो कहासे BADEGI

  10. ये सेल बहन के लोडे इनकी माँ का भोसड़ा छिनाल के जाने बहन छोड़ सिफऱ्फ कहते है की लण्ड की लम्बाई
    बढ़ेगी पर इनकी बहन की चूत में गधे का लण्ड डाला हे तो

  11. I have used sikander e azam only 10 capsul gave me the required result I am 50 years old and got very strong erection, improvement in libido.I am very satisfied with sikander e azam and thinking to purchase more and also fezinil. cap.

    1. I have used the both products of Hashmi for a long time PXXL & Sikender-e Azam Capsules & spent lot of hard earn money but very dissappointed and also feel to be cheated.Iam of the thoughts that there is some leakage and supplyof duplicate quality in the market.Even the cost of medecines are seems on very higher side.Management should considered the genuine problems of the sufferers and should not run to earn huge profits.Maxmum medecines have purchased from Dariya Ganj,in Delhi.As the every boddy wants to keep his secret.Dawakhana has claimed for NO side effects is not true,as symstions are headche,eyes blurring,nausea& stomoch flushing etc

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