Hashmi Dawakhana – crooks

be alert from hashmi dawakhana they give me medicines to increase my penis size (Sikander-e-Azam) , these crooks told me that my penis size will be increased by 4 inches i started my course in march 2013 now its oct 2013 my penis size is still 6 inches not even a half centimeter size increased so guys do not purchase any thing from these crooks

4 thoughts on “Hashmi Dawakhana – crooks”

  1. I had a small penis that was thick but hardly measured 3 inches when erect. I was hurt hearing the comments of my dates. My friend suggested me taking Sikander-e-azam plus capsules that I duly
    did. Today, my penis measures 4+ inches only. I was cheated. I was told 3 inches increment.

  2. When i first started sikander-e-azam plus i was about 5″ in length after about 2 months of continued use i have noticed only 1 inch increment and 20% girth. I have not achieved good results.

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