Helios Developers – Satisfied with the Service Now

Helios Developers is a great realtor and my husband and I will definitely recommend him to anyone we know if one needs to find a house in Noida. The executives at Helios Developers listened to our needs and helped us find not only the choice for our home, but the perfect surroundings too. We are 100% satisfied with our experience with the realtor. The sales person was extremely attentive and always responded when we wanted to have a few options made available to us. The consultant walked an extra mile whenever we needed guidance and helped us in pin pointing the place we felt was the best for our family.

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  1. Helios Developer is the Indian market in gained the reputation in different location. its large group and given best services our customers. More response of home/apartments buyers given best price, wonderful designs.

  2. Helios developer is a third class company. All employee only tell lie even company ceo . They never release payment against credit note . So all new clients are requested to never deal with helios developer.

  3. Helios Developers is third class company, who do not pay thier clients money (credit note money etc), they just make false promises..plz think twice before dealing with them…i am still struggling to get my money back