High Technologies Solutions – COMPLETE FRAUD

A COMPLETE FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD institute, they completed their course in 11 days.on complaining to MD Hardeep .

the course can be completed in 4 classes . They show their attitude with no steps toward resolving the problem.

when the MD behave in such manner you know how the institute must be running

From: Suresh Palak
Date: Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 3:48 PM
Subject: Re: Completion of SAP-HCM course
To: Priti Dhore
Cc: sheeba@htsindia.com

Hi Priti

On visiting the HTS Kalakaji for counseling

I came to know there are number of thing if SAP HR which are yet to be taught .Even the basic of lot of thing yet to be covered.

In this discussion with the faculty just for 10minuts to 15 minutei came to know that the following thing are yet to b covered

Organizational Management (completed in 2 classes 28/07/13 & 03/08/13)

Enterprise Structure

Elements of Enterprise structure (Concepts )

Elements of Personal structure (Concepts

Basic steps for implementation of SAP HRM

Basic Building Blocks.

Objectives of OM

Relevance of Info types

Concepts of Number range

User interface

Recruitment ( Completed in 2 classes 04/08/13 & 24/08/13)

E Recruitment

How is the recruitment component integrated with the other HR components

What is an applicant action.

What is an evaluation path

Profile match up

Personal Administration ( Completed in 2 classes 25/08/13 & 28/08/13)

Concept of info types

Concepts of time constrains

Concept of feature

Use of feature ( only 2 feature is been taught in total HRM)

T code

Number Range Description

Time Managements ( Completed in 4 classes 31.08.13 & 01.09.13, 07.09.13, 08.09.13 )

Variant rules

Concept of Positive time recording / Negative time recording

Payroll (Completed in 1 class 21.09.13)

What steps are required to post payroll results

Payroll Process .

pay scale structures

pay scalearea / payscale types

Concepts of PCR / CAP / Schema

Off cycle payroll, retroactive account

payroll control record

info types used in payroll

Matchcode W

Even in the study material that was shared by you dose not include the above

In the discussion of 10 to 15 minutes the above mention points came to light .I am sure there will be other thing also Which did not appear in this discussion let us complete that first.

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