HONDA Aviator Brake lever Spares Unavailable for 5 months


Greetings,I K.Rathnasabapathi, Sri Raajam Fuels(IndianOil Dealer). I was running business (Distributor) for FMG products of MNCs(HLL,Pepsi) for 18 years. Presently, I am being a distributor for Nestle India Ltd and Philips Electronics India Ltd.. Am also the vice-president in Chamber of Commerce.

I had bought HONDA Aviator on May 2012. My vehicle had fallen down on June 2013. The Left brake lever (Disk Brake) had broken into two parts and Right indicator glass also been smashed. Am waiting, for more than 5 months, for these 2 spares and always getting the same reply, from the dealers that “NO STOCKS AVAILABLE”. Presently I have only one inch of brake lever in my vehicle since June 2013. With that handle, I couldn’t apply brake properly, which is causing me not to use the vehicle properly. It causes me psychological hindrance (As Driving in unsafe bike) while driving. Imagine a vehicle running for 5 months in rush street without brake lever. Even after explaining about the severity to the dealers, No action taken. Does it show the HONDA’s lack of interest over the customer (Customers life, to be precise)? It is too pathetic that, the most used and critical part (Specific to brake) of the bike is not available all over the 3 district (Tiruvarur, Thanjavur and Chennai (GEM and JSP Honda). Not sure about other districts, probably won’t be available throughout Tamilnadu or Even INDIA). And dealers are in chorus telling that, I could use Activa’s brake lever, which is not suiting for Aviator (ACTIVA brake lever design is completely different from AVIATOR Brake lever).

When you sell a bike, it is company’s responsibility to provide the spares to the customers. On failing that, I don’t think so, that consumer should go for HONDA product. We should pass this information to all the consumers, who are planning to go for the HONDA product, especially to Aviator. Please address this issue immediately.

NOTE: Customer Complaint forum is not working at all. Couldn’t submit the complaint.

K Rathnasabapathi,

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