I-biz infosys pvt ltd – Fraud and fake and tell hurry its genuine

Please my request to all that donot get into this company give a brochure and compare with other company and see who is best, when I registered here the document they give was look like fake anyone can make that in court also after giving me the software they give doesnot install properly and you type the detail automatically thrre is a mistake and u again has to type the whole act they say 6 min per form but take long and after sub they say 1st it will br verified and then u will get money after that day of result they say that there was a lot of mist so they say again,you to do that my 3 month goes in that way and I donot get a money yet after I leave that pt job so plse sure about that and about the office is very small so that they can run anytime so think before going there…..

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  1. If you follow the instruction properly you can fill accurate forms and get proper payment, if you dont follow the rules of filling form obviously you will not earn money. If you go according to their training manual you will fill correct forms. whatever is mentioned in the training manual are the only basic rules or say instructions of filling forms but if you neglect the things mentioned in it you will fill wrong forms and you will not earn. I have filled their forms accurately and have also received payment.