Ibizinfosys – CHEATERS

These people are cheaters espeacially this girl called KALPANA is cheater and very bad witch woman. I went there to register they did not mentioned that do I have Windows which version so I took the CD home and the software did not work then I had to go to that lowsy place again and still they gave me another CD and again it did not work then they asked me the windows version and I said Windows 8 so then they called me again and gave me a software in my pendrive. Then again this software was not working so I went there again to get my money back and THIS KALPANA GIRL WAS SO DISGUSTING THAT I WANTED TO SPEAK TO A HIGHER PERSON SO BEFORE I COULD SPEAK TO THAT PERSON SHE LOCKED THE DOOR AND BRUISED MY HAND VERY BADLY AND SHE ALSO TOLD THEM NOT TO HELP ME IN INSTALLING THE CD. However I did submit my 50 small forms and the accuracy level has come 0 and I am sure that it is not 0 this is just a money making racket to fool innocent people and make people out of poor people.

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  1. I dont agree with your points, Kalpana is a very genuine employee of the company. She have always helped me with the problems i have got while filling forms and as we people are very much educated so before signing any kind of legal document we should read that, that is what i have done. I already know clauses of the company because i have read the agreement of the company and it is not possible for them also to sit and let all know the individual clauses of the company.

  2. People who are fooled by I bIz infosys, just go to Consumer Forum. I also victim of this, I went to consumer forum. They will give you right advice. Don’t loose your money, they have to pay us for work.

    1. this is total true , i went to their office at masjid bandar , That girl kalpana was very ill mannered they are hiding all the inportant details when they are introuducing us, when we get it register then they inform us , you have to fill the form in such a manner, i am sure they are fraud , so be aware ,