igemployment – fraud done by igemployment

Dear sir,

my self shobhit yedalwar .i live in valsad(gujarat). i got call from igemployment in feburay first week for job regarding that person was shorab he told me that u had job in your area only specifically two company name in told me that also your working at backend. then i said ok .then he said u have to do some payment he dont told me hole process but he had said its just starting price u have to pay 1798 only after that hole story had been started new processor had been started by them and i am as fool in excitment i ahd all process money.
so what should i do now sir/madam just i want my money back .I had paid money first 1798 than 6177, 4494,7422=19891 this much amount i had .
They had not given any reply.
so last process screen short had taken by me…
please find the attachment for that.

shobhit yedalwar _IGEMPLOYMENT

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