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My mother-in law, recently she was on visit visa for 3 months to Abu Dhabi (E-ticket no-589-4965556096) When she was returning to India, we faced a lot of difficulties. There is very rude behaviour here in Abu Dhabi by the counter staff as well as the duty manager. As she could not walk and she is in wheel chair (travelling alone). When we went to do the boarding pass the wait of the baggages are 38kgs. She doesn’t have any hand baggage. The lady on the counter was telling that we have to remove the 8 kilos. I explained to her that she could not carry the hand bag so put in the main baggages. Even I informed her that madam please allow as she is special need lady but very rude/ impolite. The worst thing is that she gave the seat at the last of the plane?? How come a lady on wheel chair you are giving the seat at the last?? it is really on off the worst experience ever with Jet as I am frequent flyer for more than 20years. I approached to the duty manager and because she called to the manager, the manager are supporting to her. Then we forced to remove the 8 kgs from the main baggage’s and we gave it to her in her hand. Why there is duty manager, he has to look the matter case by case and no need to tell us the rule and regulations. He has to listen to the passenger not the staff. If this is not the genuine case we would have not asked these unprofessional peoples that they don’t want to help. Just put him in our shoes what they will do?? This is one of the worst customer services ever?? You go anywhere in the world with this type of passenger they are showing mercy, they are helping? Why there are priority everywhere (hospital/malls/public parking/buses/metro etc) why because they need the help??? But this kind behaviour are not acceptable at all.
Now continue to the worst, she had connection flight to Patna and she had boarding card with her. The plane landed safely but the door does not opening by the crew member. It’s look long time to open the door. My mother in-law she was seating at the back so everyone has to go out then only she can move. Just imagine what kind of gesture they did, the allow my mother-in-law to seat at last as they know that she is hardly walk. Is this the professional way to treat such an old lady travelling alone? By the time she reached Delhi the connecting plane to Patna gone without taking her. What kind of your staffs are?? They know that one passenger is there and she is needy passenger but they stranded her to the Delhi airport without any support. When I am calling from here no one wants to speak to us. She was alone, she was crying badly? She does not know what to do? Somehow one person from the Jet he took the telephone then he doesn’t have any regret. He told me that we will provide the hotel. No one even provide any refreshment to her even a glass of water? Is this the way that you people are treating to the passenger? Are you teaching your staff to treat like this? Are the humanity are dead? Why no one from your staff called us and informs us the situation. There is flight for Patna Air India. What they told us that the flight is full. After they told us we got the ticket from here Abu Dhabi and we send to them. Then she manages to reach Patna at around after 8.00pm. I need all the compensation what she faced? What she suffered during the whole day? First of all I need dhs5000 as a compensation that she suffered during whole day? Crying and without any support? Stranded at the airport?
2. I need the dhs 650 that we bought the air ticket for the sector Delhi-Patna in Air India (e ticket no- 098 5634 396051)
3. I need my money return back for the sector of Delhi- Patna
it is really very disappointing that you peoples are not able to serve to the old and needy lady. You left her stranded at the airport. What if her mobile are switched off/ or not working. I seek your feedback as well as all compensation. Else I will approach to the MOE. Awaiting your reply.
Nadeem, (050 596 8787), email- [email protected]

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