– Complaint against regarding job offer

I got a call from one job portal on regarding job offer with cognizant .
I told them I am ok to try for the new role. He told me to pay 1438/-rs as nominal charges they levy to customers for their service. I said fine and ready to pay. I asked him specifically if that is one time payment and I don&;t have to pay any more. He said &;Yes&;. He told me that I need to open their website to load my CV but my internet was not working at that time and so he called next day.
Next day morning he called me back at 9:30 AM and told me to open their website and made me to pay 1438/- for their charges.
Surprisingly he told me to open one more link and to pay 6600/-rs as a service to the company ( I would like to reiterate that he never spoke about these charges and the prices details when he called me for the first time). I being so foolish paid him that money as well through my credit card.
He didn&;t stop there, he again told me to pay 8310/-rs as cognizant is international company, then postage charges, social media charges (4800/-rs). Total it sum up to Rs.21148/- (attached all confirmation mails from the merchant confirming the successful transaction details for your reference).
After I finished my payment, he said that their representative will call me soon for interview call but I didn&;t get any call from them after the payment and he also said that I will join the company only after September after verifications of my documents in finished. I was shocked to hear that as he never mentioned about this as well before.
He also asked me about my available time for telephonic call and on he said that verifications of docs itself will take around 4 to 5 weeks. I seriously don&;t believe this consultancy and would like to get my refund back and I don&;t need their services any more.
Would you please help me get my money back. I need this money as I am in financial crisis as well because of my mom&;s ill health.
Merchant Details:
Job Consultancy Name:
Sravanthi Edla
JamaiOsMania, Near Gandhi Statue, Secunderabad 500061, Andhra Pradesh
Email: edlasravanthi[at] / 19/05/2014 / 10:29 am

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