JVR Creative India – Fraud Company

Dear All,

There one Company running in Chandigarh into Prepress and epub work. There are three person running the company.
They are totally fraud. They are taking jobs from outside of India with fraud names. There are some person
like Kumar Raj and Borris who does not even exist and they are working with this name.
Recently I found that they are trying to open one more company and the contact person is same Borris.
So I would like to everyone be aware of these persons. The person who are running the company are
Jatinder Kumar, Rohit Sharma & Vinay Kumar Joshi.

They all are hacking the data from different sources. The can contact any of Prepress companies and ask for job and they
may share your data to anyone. They are not reliable at all. The company has already stolen tool and other important
information of one more company.All setup is Fraud with these persons. They are not at all reliable at all.

Any person dealing with these person directly and indirectly will be responsible himself.

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  1. Ritesh/Gagandeep and all others who all are Involved in all this

    I don’t know on what ground you have attached JM Infotech India with JVR and other group. We will be putting this through Cyber cell who has put this comment here. Better you let us know why it was done and what is the motive behind this. Else be ready for the legal charges. I don’t care what JVR is doing I am concern only about JM Infotech India. Its a clean image company.

  2. These comments regarding JVR are completely false as these are just rumors which are being spread just to discourage its members. I know Vinay, Rohit and Jatinder personally as they ae hardworking and skilled individuals. These sort of rumors should be avoided and JVR should be encouraged or their hard work.

  3. As I can see these comments are just a way to discourage JVR and are not worth getting distracted as I know Vinay, Jatin and Rohit very well and they are very hard working people. Please support JVR through this and avoid such comments

  4. The stuff written on these comments are not valid and just ways to discourage them. Please do not follow these comments as i know Rohit, Vinay and Jatin personally and all these rumors which are being spread about JVR are not valid at all. Please support and be with JVR as they are working very hard and please avoid such rumors

  5. I know them personally, all are very good human being s. All the above comments are cheap tricks to let them down in their personal and professional life. They all are feeling jealous and absent minded people who are spreading rumors about Jatinder , Vinay and Rohit. All the information is false and it’s showing bad mentally of the wrong people. JVR is well settled and reputed organization. Please be with JVR and encourage them to come out of these kinds of situations and ignore all the fake people who are distracting JVR.

  6. I have personally know JATINDER, VINAY AND ROHIT. They have very good relation in KDMS. All above information are totally wrong. This is totally business trick to trying create a bad impression on other companies. I have also visited JVR company they have very good setup their.

  7. Mr. Bhuvnesh.

    This is Vinay. As you have put such a worst comments on me and my family could you please clarify me on what basis you are commenting on me. I have also your contact details. I will be coming in your office regarding the same.

  8. Mr. Gagandeep Singh or whosoever you are can I know on what basis you have mentioned JM Infotech India is also attached with these companies.
    Let me tell you clearly JM Infotech has no business to do with these companies. My self-Neeta Mishra Director of JM Infotech and our company is in the Industry from past 5-years. We don’t have such business with any such companies. Our customers are happy with our work and we have not done any kind of fraud with anyone. If you have such issue please speak to me directly at my mobile number- 9731043624 or 9810345215 or write me at [email protected]
    If I don’t get any response from you in next 3-days and if you are writing such comments without any proof. I will go to cyber cell for legal case for such fake comments on any website. I am warning you either give me proof of fraud else you see the consequences of such comments.
    This is valid for any person who has any issue with JM Infotech please reach me directly on above given numbers. Do not write such comments anywhere else you will have to face legal criminal charges in cyber cell.

  9. JM Infotech India is running by Mr. Lalit Joshi(Chandigarh) and Mr. Prakash Mishra (New Delhi). Mr. Lalit is also running company name DCEPUB with some of his partner. He was ex-employee of PHI Business Solutions, Aptara, and Genpact. He has stolen the company data and approach the clients. He is also sending one clients data to another clients for as a sample. So please be aware about (www.jminfotechindia.com & http://www.dcepub.com). Both are black listed company.

    1. Mr. Ritesh if you have any proof of fraud about JM Infotech speak to me I have already given my contact details. Else I will take to you in cyber cell and put criminal charges against you for putting such wrong comments about the person and company.

  10. WOW ! now JVR website is down and it is not at all working. So JVR is grounded and Grace Publishing Group is up with some other name of contact. Does anyone knows if Stargraphic Solutions is also Grounded.

    Keep it up guys.

  11. Friends its a fradulent company. They are not a promising
    company. I think it is running from Chandigarh. So be aware
    of Publishing friends if anyone is working with this company
    please be carefull. Can someone look into this kind of Fraud
    companies in India and put some ban on these kind of stuff.

    Another intresting story behind this these all person has
    already opend 2-companies JVR Creative & Star Graphic. I
    got another shocking news that now they have startered a
    new company Grace Publishing Group. (www.gracepublishinggroup.com)
    now they are working with some new name Not offcourse Borris smith.

    JVR Creative, Stargraphic Solutions & Grace Publishing all are
    same persons (what an Idea)

    Come on guyes can someone stop these kind of people to come
    to industry. They are making bad image in International market
    of service Industry. Think they are making a new company in
    every alternate month so how can you think that the data of any
    clients will be secured.

  12. Person name borris is no other his name is Vinay joshi is the person a big fraud I know everything about him and his family. A pure fraud person guys be aware of him he cheat you by any mean professionally or personally.

  13. There is no Borris. The person who is working as borris is fired twice from previous companies due to fraud and cheating with the clients of the company. He has shared even customer data also with other customers.

  14. Another Important information Guys the Person Borris Smith is working with Stargraphics Solutions and I got this information because the owner of this Site is Rohit sharma who is Involved with JVR Creative.

  15. Guyes, the Big team of JVR Creative India in Chandigarh, They all were fired from KDMS due to all these stuff. They are Big cheaters. Be careful of these guys. I know all of them. They can cheat anyone.

  16. Dear All,

    One classic Information if you see Borris profile on Linkedin it says he is Production Manager and prior to this he has worked for KDMS. Guyes its very surprising that there was no such person who had worked for KDMS. All these three persons working for KDMS and one of the person has become Borris. See how people are bluffing around making fake ID. So what a group cheating people around with fake ID.

  17. Can anyone also share me who is Borris Smith, I am in the industry from past 10-12 years I have never heard of such person and such company. Guys please take care of such frauds peoples.

  18. Yes I also came to know through some person that one person was working with a company from where he took all customer data and shared with other two persons. They don’t have any proper setup anywhere. They are working with all fake names.