JVR Creative India, Stargraphic Solutions and Grace Publishing – fradulent

Friends its a fradulent company. They are not a promising
company. I think it is running from Chandigarh. So be aware
of Publishing friends if anyone is working with this company
please be carefull. Can someone look into this kind of Fraud
companies in India and put some ban on these kind of stuff.

Another intresting story behind this these all person has
already opend 2-companies JVR Creative & Star Graphic. I
got another shocking news that now they have startered a
new company Grace Publishing Group. (www.gracepublishinggroup.com)
now they are working with some new name Not offcourse Borris smith.

JVR Creative, Stargraphic Solutions & Grace Publishing all are
same persons (what an Idea)



Come on guyes can someone stop these kind of people to come
to industry. They are making bad image in International market
of service Industry. Think they are making a new company in
every alternate month so how can you think that the data of any
clients will be secured.

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