Kaveri Travels – bus service – for damages

Dear sir,

I had travelled in your bus from Mumbai to Bangalore on the 13th, June 2014. I took ticket from Kaveri Travels from Santacruz West Mumbai. I took ticket of your company for convince and on your website only it is written only if any breakdowns happen you will refund money.
I had very bad experience as your bus broke down in mid highway of Mumbai- Bangalore and I was standing on the highway for the 2 hour and no help was there. Your drivers didn’t arrange anything and they were simply standing and that time only I called your company for 3 times but every time your customer care executive cut that phone. Yesterday also I tried but your customer care executive cut my phone. I have written as a feedback and made a complaint also but it is very poor response and it shows your repudiate in the market.
If can’t make the drive properly then why you are running this service. Give my money back that is 1200/- Rs. Otherwise I will start bad mouth marketing on internet, social media and among my surrounding society.
Please take action immediately.
My details are giving below.
Name – Mahendra Choudhary
Mob no – 9702064690
Seat no -19
PNR no. -18671636
Journey –Mumbai to Bangalore
Bus no- AP-02-TA-3726
Driver –RamJagtap (8879414991)

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