Kaya Skin Clinic – Bad behavior and Harassment by Sonali and Chanda -DLF4 clinic

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Posted On: 08/09/2016
Reported By: Geetanjali12

Contact information: Kaya Skin Clinic

I took hair removal sessions from DLF4 last year and was attended by Kritika. Kritika was a very good manager and a brilliant customer service person. She had always been very cooperative and treated all her clients fairly. She always went out of her way to ensure that the clients are treated at the highest standards.

However my latest experience with Sonali and Chanda at this clinic when I requested them for an appointment was horrible and harassing. I called Sonali for an appointment on the 7th September and this is what she said : Mam, you have no sessions left hence I can’t give you an appointment. To this I told her that I was promised few complimentary maintenance sessions by Kritika and I don’t think that promise should change if the staff has left. Sonali spoke very rudly and said ;mam I don’t care about what Kritika said as I am the owner here now and I won’t give you any complimentary sessions that may have been promised etc. I was quite shocked at this behaviour however I requested her to give me an appointment for a paid maintenance session. She said that there are no slots available. I pleaded and pleaded and told her that I can send her my one way tickets which proves that I am relocating out of India hence this appointment is very important. Anyhow she agreed to give an appointment for 11 am on the 8th September. I got in the clinic at 1125am as I was struck in traffic. To my surprise they didn’t take me in the room till about 1150am and were on constant call with Sonali asking her what to do as they had no instructions. I told them to start the session while they sort out the payment piece but they refused to do so. Since Sonali wasn’t at the clinic I requested that I be connected to her so that I can clarify any misunderstandings. But Chanda refused to connect me to Sonali and said mam you haven’t paid yet hence we can’t take you inside and the other client is about to come. This to me was very harassing and embarrassing. I was shocked at this behaviour!! I requested Chanda to take the money after generating the bill and get the session started. I even agreed to leave the room in half the session in case the other client turns up. I even volunteered that half legs be done now as the next appointment was 45 min later yet she refused. Finally when I took out the money she agreed to give me another slot in the evening.

This kind of behaviour shows very poorly on Kaya and makes me believe in the fact that the people you hire can either ruin your business or make it.

Sonali and Chanda are not a right fit for this job as the experience that I went through here would discourage me to recommend Kaya to others and I would never want to come back to this clinic ever in the future whenever I am in India again.

A very poor and horrifying experience indeed.

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