Lulu Hypermarket / LuLu Group International – voucher validity, 4 days only, not accepted at any other store, bad customer service from managers

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Reported By: Shona Sani

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Lulu Hypermarket / LuLu Group International

Hi, I’ve experienced the worst customer service ever from Ajman Lulu Hypermarket, I had a voucher of 100 dirhams expired and I couldn’t use it as I live in Dubai and no other Lulu hypermarket was accepting the voucher ! As I had to go to same store from which I got the voucher from! And the voucher was valid for only 4 days!!! What a strategy !! As I did the purchase on 8th sep and voucher expired on 12th!
I drove all the way to Ajman on 18th, spoke to manager Nishad ! And I was waiting for worst customer experience! Where a manager tells me he cannot let the company loose 100 dirhams! And he was ready to lose a customer for it !!!
I wasn’t begging for money there, I was asking to utilize my own voucher as it got expired and I didn’t get enough days to utilize it nor it was accepted at any other store !!!
After not getting convinced with his answer, I asked to speak to nishad’s manager, Mr.Abdul Ghafoor .the GM, I got more horrible experience from his as well, the managers don’t simply know to respect the customers! Horrible attitude! I was asked to give a copy of voucher and the GM would call me next morning as I was insisting..
Next morning I get a call from cashier! This clearly showed The GM had no respect for customers, I escalated the case and the Manager Mayur comes in picture .. he listens to me calmly and gives me the same robotic answer ! The voucher is expired and we cannot do anything!!!
If managers are going to speak like cashiers.. then all three of them do not deserve managers posts!!! I asked to speak to Abdul Ghafoor’s manager and till date I haven’t received a call !
This is ridiculous and the worst customer service I ever experienced! I want to utilize my voucher and a compensation of wasting my time and energy and getting such a bad service from Lulu, being a loyal customer … no body deserves to be treated this way !!!

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