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Reported By: Vivek

Contact information: (Never Buy from Them. NEVER!)

NEVER BUY FROM LUXEHUES.COM! I REPEAT, NEVER! works only with one phone number and hasn’t provided its postal address.

I ordered a Braun Series 5/5040S Electric Shaver (Rs. 9500/-) from which was expected to be dispatched the next day or the day after but I got no information about the product.

I mailed them for the first time and received an auto-reply acknowledgement mail about the reception of my email, but didn’t get any response from them.

Then I called their number and was told that the they will receive their shipment from the vendor after two days and will be dispatched to my address the same day.

Bump! Nothing happened again.

I mailed them again. Yet no reply. Not even the acknowledgement mail this time.

I called them again only to hear that the shipment was returned to the vendor as it failed the quality check at Luxehues’ premises, and that they were expecting the new package the same day.

I asked them to mail me about the information, and they didn’t send any mail this time either.

I called them and they told me that the package arrived at their premises the day it was expected earlier and qualified the the QC but wasn’t dispatched.

I was confused and asked them to refund the amount as I was no longer interested in buying product from them. In return they told they don’t have any refund policy.

I don’t know what to do next.

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