Madhavi Vyas of Aidsnewsline is Fraud

My name is Prakash trivedi. I am a retired medical Doctor. I have been leaving in Narayan Pura Ahmedabad 13 since 1979. I have two children daughter and son both are married and well set in USA.

Two years ago my wife silpa trivedi died by natural cause. I started to feeling lonely in past two years and life was not that color full without her. I started to spending more time in India as kids are always busy in their life and grand kids have their own school work.

Once school start i come to Ahamedabad relax and go around whole india. This year my friend from NJ dr. Lee also came with me.

We both met Madhavi in public transportation from Laldarvaga to Vijay Nagar bus. She took our number she gave us her number too. I loose stuff at my age and i lost her number but dr. Lee is very smart guy and he kept her no.

We met again her with her husband we were impressed of couple for little while. She connived us to spend some time helping her mission and Aidsnewsline Magazine. On other hand she promised article in her magazine we both old man wanted that to show our grand kid in USA.

During our time with her we discover she was victim of domestic violence. Her husband Hitesh Vyas was very tempered man who used to hit her often. Unacceptable and unbelievable. She does not deserve that kind of life for sure………

After that we talked and speeded great amount of time with each other and slippery road what can i say we fall in love with each other.

i never thought after my wife passed away i can find love again in life this way. I told my children they both were very supportive and so does their spouses ….i am blessed with family which wants to see me happy always ……….

I had time of my life madhavi reminded me the time when i fall in love with my wife ….this time more then that cuz my first marriage was arranged by my family i did not have chance to experience cream of love ….being in love was indescribable. With new technology we were minute away from each other every second i can connect with her and she can send me messages ………..

And after two years sex felt heavenly too. Not shame it was gods gift Madhavi is amazing women ………

I would say bad luck of her husband who can’t keep her …..

She told me she wanted to escape this man forever by coming with me to USA . Immediately we arranged for her passport. By this time Hitesh sense our love … is blind but it does have forum …….

Horrible man turned more horrible he started to bitting up love of my life every day she had bruises on her Brest, her back, her butt, her leg ….the spots that can not be easily seen ……what a cowered man ……

She had hard time to see me ……that what she text me ….he also stated putting restriction on her account…that what she informed me ……..

immediately i opened bank account on her name so she do not have to be controlled by that man. She told me her friend in chicago (Dr.Vithalani) will be happy to help her and that way her husband have less suspicion on I and her………i thought we were in love …….two attempt to get visa was not successful.

She probably can not come to USA. I offered her to get married with me but she said she will loos custody of her younger daughter who happened to be underage …i also offered to adopt her daughter but her doubt of her husband not agreeing had point…..

She asked me not to leave her in hell she would not survive. I took radical step and bought her a condo in Goa. I thought Goa was beautiful and away from all problem as well very relaxing for my age …..we just wanted to have romantic life ……..

Today she informed that her husband has discovered and taken away money (10lakh) from her account which i left for her ….
She also informed me that her husband has sold house that i bought for our romantic life in goa.

she discontinue with me by sending me message that she is forbidden to have contact with me.

I think Madhavi and Hitesh Vyas has played with my feelings. I am still in love with Madhavi she is the love of my life …….i am ready to do anything for her …..but she has made this lie and she is with mr hitesh the lier king and both has taken my condo in Goa as well my money 10lakh.

Dr. Trivedi….

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    1. Brother this is a FAKE person. Prakash Trivedi did not share anything till now. even he is commenting using my Name.

  1. This is wife of Niraj Sharma
    My husband was also involve with this woman at the time of writing his post thus he was defending her. He learned his lesson as well.
    Woman watch out for your lonely husband she might can take opportunity to scam him.

    Wife of Niraj Sharma

  2. Hi,

    This is Neeraj Sharma
    i read you entire message.. do you can prove your complaint
    if yes
    Mail me how can you prove and i will take an action against this couple and you will get your donation Back


    if you are doing wrong complaint and posting such kind of bad words for a Indian Women… You will get
    Defamation notice very soon.

    my id : neeraj10786 (at)rediff dot com