Manoway trading limited (GPPE. In) kolkata – Online marketing fraud

Reported By: Dharmender kumar

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Manoway trading limited (GPPE. In) kolkata Delhi

On 1st November 2022 I got sms about part time job they said transfer the money and do the trading and get commission of 15 to 35 percent to selling the items online. And after that they said deposite of RS 100 and get account to do the work I did same. After that they sent telegram link (@Mall8866) to join this. As I do the same the telegram tutor. The first task I deposited 500 and complete the task then after they sent second order which was in bulk of 6 items. First item price was 3000 I deposit the same the second item was 8500 again I deposited then the third item was 28000. I Dinied to complete that task the tutor told me if u not complete all task you will not get your money.always they keep asking additional money my total 13500 still stuck.


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  1. Even me too lost amt od Rs.350000 within week. All my settlement happened in application. But still they are asking Rs.200000 to withdraw after trading complete also. As they are telling to withdraw more than 400000 need to upgrade channel it seems. Even they have my money itself. But to withdraw if they are asking additional amount means it’s truly fraud company. Then I denied to pay.