Manoway trading limited ( – Online scam

Reported By: Manish S

Contact information: Kolkata

I received as sms stating a job confirmation commission based 15-25% on asking me to do a recharge of small amount to buy product and kept increasing the basket orders to complet the multiple task the items in basket were slowly increased on price asking me to recharge and earn commissions to which did recharge of almost 100000 plus, my orders were completed but there was always one more task to finish. The last item in basket cake at price if 2,74,186 which was way beyond of anyone to purchase and since I can’t complete task they freeze the amount and the order in due time. I felt fully cheated at this point of last order kept repeating. I cannot withdraw my money from the account because the task is not completed. I raised questions to a so called mentor on telegram but he kept sending me the same message to complete the order to withdraw. I explained him that I don’t have so much money, he asks me to borrow from friends and complete the task. I don’t know how these people run such campaigns and get people into such traps. I have been cheated without giving me the understanding of the money required to trade. It’s a scam that comes with earning commission in 30 mins Work from home , smartphone .. I request you to kindly look into this matter seriously and stop such malicious scams in future.
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Message sent on WhatsApp +91 83409 35625

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* Write Manoway trading limited ( in company name section and write your complaint in detail
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