MicroRoot Poc Technology Pvt Ltd – Did Not Release Experience Letter

Dear Sir/Mam,

Please help me,
i did join MicroRoot before 17 months. I did my work with full honesty even i compromise many things in company ..like initial four months i work only at salary 11,000/- then i work only at salary 22,500/- .. I switch company with prior notice period . It ends by nov13. Because i have to join other company , they told me that they will release letter of experience at time of my leaving , i am consistently demanding of my letter of experience, releaving, nov month CTC .. Still they are just telling me your request in under process … please help me because i have to submit copy of this documents in my current company

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  1. Hey Harshal….
    aapko ab tak experience letter and last ctc mila kya please inform me if u got both the documents