Mindtree Technologies Private Limited – Part-time online job scam

Reported By: Areeb

Contact information:
Mindtree Technologies Private Limited Mumbai
https:// www.pouu.in/user/account

I received a message from random no. on my WhatsApp regarding part-time jobs. I exchanged few words and got connected to their mentors via telegram. They told me that there will be 3 tasks that I have to complete before becoming an official company employee. And showed me the steps to carry out the tasks. Firstly the amount the asked to carry out the tasks were v low so without giving any thought I carried them out. But then suddenly in the final task the orders started asking high amounts of money. And I was fool enough to continue until the asking amount went out of my reach. This scam setup was v ordinary but they were constantly talking you into this. Firstly they give you returns on small amounts to gain your trust and then asking amount crosses your limit an then & then only you came back to your senses.

How to file a complaint against Mindtree Technologies Private Limited?

* Go to page
* Write Mindtree Technologies Private Limited in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Mindtree Technologies Private Limited.

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  1. Hi Sir, i got message from WhatsApp for part time job and applied for the same ( Mindtree Technologies private limited), this job based on online purchaseing the items with our own money, they will give commission depending on the product. First i have received 2 task and completed, and then they given 8 task to complete, so i have invested 352000. and completed all 8 task, again they told me to complete one more task, and that task amount is 3lakh, i have Messaged them, i don’t have any money, kindly give my money, but they asked to complete tast then only you can able to withdraw the amount. I have Message him to share some amount, again i have recharged 50000 thousand on 19th July. They are cheated me.
    Please take this compliant and kindly recovery my money.

  2. buffaot.com my amount is automatically debited 5 lack from my account showing its is hacked from this web pls revert it i have complaint on cyber crime