Mohamad Sahli – No response from Azizi Development

Reported By: Mohamad Sahli

Contact information:
Mohamad Sahli Dubai
Azizi Devleopment

This is the first time I bought a unit from Azizi Riveria Project, and it will be the last time. I never ever dealt with an unprofessional company like this one. my unit has been complete since last september 2023 and until now no handover has been done.

They never respond to emails, phones or any sort of communication. I have been chasing them for weeks to complete the snag list but no response. There is no phone number that they answer and thier listed customer service no. they put on hold till forever but no response !!

I do not understand how this company continues to work without proper customer service to attend customers issues.

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  1. Hi everyone
    AZIZI Developer delaying project handover, Off plan is worst choice with them , delaying project handover.
    you feel that this company is blind, how come their projects are ready , they do not handover, why you do not know , may be the mangers and administration they are cheating AZIZI owner himself. the team works against the Developer. if the building is ready why you do not handover the units to the investors. the AZIZI sales mangers work for their own benefits, exploiting both owner and investors.
    AZIZI Developer intentionally delaying projects, Customer care never answers your telephone calls. there is no handover for units. For any investor wanted to invest, do not buy from AZIZI, before you buy I advise you to go and check their projects, ride a car and visit their projects, Example AZIZ Riviera in MBR started in 2018, handover was planned mid 2019, most of AZIZI Riviera Buildings are ready since 2022 unfortunately till today 01-Mar-2024 there is no handover for units booked off plan on Jan-2018. once you contact customer care they till you there is no plan for handover or the tell lies next Quarter next Month or within 2 months they tell lies lies and lies. most AZIZI Riviera buildings are ready but they do not hand over in order to put pressure on investors to sell their units for the AZIZI favorite Brokers. Bad, do not approach AZIZI they Scam you
    Anyway, be away from AZIZI